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23 January 2005 @ 01:10 am
Buffy/Giles fanfic recommendations. ^__^  
As I promised vampiresetsuna, here is the Buffy/Giles fic rec list. Please bear in mind that I haven't read a Buffy/Giles fic since the show ended on such a depressing note (the estrangement between Buffy and Giles in season 7, I really felt sick about that), so I may have forgotten a few really good fics. However, though this list can be considered slightly incomplete, I can still remember the names of the really good authors of the fandom (even though there are no stories listed of some of those authors in this list), which are:

-  A. Manley Haight
-  Arkin
-  Blair Provence
-  Calliope
-  Cap
-  Darcy Galvan
-  Dword
-  Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
-  Gail Christison
-  Gibberish
-  Gileswench
-  GylzGirl
-  Jacinta
-  Jacqui
-  Jolene Beasley (JBG)
-  Karen Jephson
-  Kerry Blackwell
-  Koala
-  Lily2332
-  Rari Coss
-  Solo84
-  Tagmus
-  Tevye
-  WorstWitch

You will find their stories featured on the Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive at Buffygiles.com and at Dword's List. I recommend you check out their sections at both archives. Sometimes some stories will only be available on Buffygiles.com and some others only on Dword's List - which is why you should check out the section of the same author at both archives and not only at one archive.  :)

I would also like to say, so that you know that they existed long ago, that there were once two major B/G fanfiction archives, which were "The New Buffy/Giles Relationshippers" (Solo84's site - practically the mother of all B/G 'shippers) and "Destiny Awaits." Both are now long gone, but fortunately the content of "The New B/G Relationshippers" was handed over to Gabi Schulz from Buffygiles.com, and then "The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive" was born.  :)

The first B/G stories I ever read were written by Gabi Schulz - her  "If You Love It..." was one of the very first B/G fics I ever read. And then when I read "Autumnal Equinox" by A. Manley Haight, I was definitely hooked on this pairing. And I will always be.  ^__~

Anyway, on to the fic rec list.  :)

1.  "The Power of Friends" by Rari Coss
2.  "Autumnal Equinox" by A. Manley Haight
3.  "Passage" by WorstWitch
4.  "The Wishes" by Gail Christison
5.  "The Abyss Series" by Blair Provence
6.  "Paradox" by Kerry Blackwell
7.  "If You Love It..." by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
8.  "Green Card" by Gibberish
9.  "Partners In All Things" by Gibberish
10.  "Happy Valentine's Day" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
11.  "Journey's End" by Rari Coss
12.  "Watcher's Retreat" by Rari Coss
13.  "Eye of the Storm" by Rari Coss
14.  "Blue Eyes" by Gail Christison
15.  "Things That Make You Go Hmm..." by Elyse C. Perry
16.  "Paths" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
17.  "Surrender" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
18.  "Giving" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
19.  "A Different Life" by Rari Coss
20.  "Bad Judgement" by Lily2332
21.  "Conjuring" by Rari Coss
22.  "Because You Loved Me" by Maura Kelly & Gina Martin
23.  "Awfully Fond Of You" by Gileswench
24.  "Beauty" by Lily2332
25.  "Terror In The Country" by Maura Kelly & Gina Martin
26.  "The World Crashing Down" by Laura
27.  "Lost" by Gail Christison
28.  "The Forever Series" by Gail Christison
29.  "Foreigner" by Darcy Galvan
30.  "Giles Loves Buffy" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
31.  "The Death Brings Clarity Series" by J.K. Philips
32.  "The Backroom Series" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
33.  "The Bond" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
34.  "The Threefold Cord" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
35.  "The Guardian" (part 1) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
36.  "The Guardian" (part 2) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
37.  "The Guardian" (part 3) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
38.  "The Guardian" (part 4) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
39.  "A Mile In His Moccasins" by Gileswench
40.  "The Long Goodbye" by Koala
41.  "Buffy Mate Man" by Sha

Well, that's all I could come up with.  :)  I'm certain you'll find many more good-quality fics in the sections of the authors I mentioned before.  ^__^

Further, if you're into Buffy/Giles music videos, then I highly recommend you to go to Koala's music videos (click here!) and the music videos by Berry at Grey Council (click here!). Especially Koala's are my favourites. This is my top 10 of Koala's vids:

1.  "Obvious"
2.  "I Wanna Grow Old With You"
3.  "Only Time"
4.  "Invisible Man"
5.  "If That's What It Takes"
6.  "No Matter What"
7.  "Emptiness"
8.  "My Immortal"
9.  "This Kiss"
10.  "We Might As Well Be Strangers"

If I were you, I'd definitely give them a try.  ^__~

And now, last but not least, here are the fanlistings you might feel like joining:

- "Falling" - the Buffy/Giles fanlisting
- "And occasionally, frolic..." - the Buffy/Giles fanfiction fanlisting
- "Watcher & Slayer" - the Buffy/Giles relationship fanlisting
- "I choose the chosen (ICTC)!" - a Buffy/Giles 'shipper listing

Well, that's all, really. I feel really tired now (it's 1:10 AM right now), so I'm going to go to bed.  :)

I hope this will prove to be useful for anyone interested in the fantastic 'ship that is Buffy/Giles.  ^__~
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vampiresetsuna on January 23rd, 2005 12:55 am (UTC)
Yay~! Aww, thank you much~! I've spent all evening (and then some) reading JBG's fanfics~!!! There's nothing better than sitting around and reading fics all day~!! Never ending novels, for free~! I'm starting to make a dent in the other recs' list, but i can't wait to check the rest of these out~!

And *eg* rabid plot bunnies have picked up your fic and started running. =P It might have lots of bunny teeth marks in it.
Lucille: Jack & Irinadying_dreams on January 23rd, 2005 01:53 am (UTC)
There's nothing better than sitting around and reading fics all day~!! Never ending novels, for free~!

I know! I used to do that in the old days, when I had more free time. *sighs wistfully* ^__~

Once you're finished with JBG's fics, try Rari Coss' fics (not only the ones mentioned on this list, but also the ones in her section at Dword's List), she's one of the best writers out there. ^__^

And *eg* rabid plot bunnies have picked up your fic and started running. =P It might have lots of bunny teeth marks in it.

Heeee! *evil grin* I'm looking forward to it! :D
Bullets in Madison: pic#68057160mourn_today on January 3rd, 2013 02:33 am (UTC)
all the ones from buffygiles.com are broken Cant find Gibberish anywhere :[
lestrangitta on March 13th, 2013 01:15 pm (UTC)
Just use the wayback machine, that's what I did.