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17 January 2005 @ 08:16 pm
Snape/Hermione fanfic recommendations.  
A little while ago, vampiresetsuna requested that I gave her some Snape/Hermione fanfiction recommendations, and here they are. It's a long list of recommendations, which I have taken from the Snape/Hermione threads at White Flag; I compiled all the recs that I and my other fellow SS/HG 'shippers at the board had given over time.

So here are the fanfic recs, in particular order. When a fanfic is still a WIP (Work In Progress), a warning is given in the form of italicising the title of the fanfic in question.

If you find that a link is broken, it is recommended that you either let me know, or try the Wayback Machine.

1.  "The Buried Life" by Kalina Lea
2.  "Pawn To Queen" by Riley
3.  "The Fire and the Rose" by Abby & Domina
4.  "The Fire and the Rose, part 2: Moments of Happiness" by Abby & Domina
5.  "The Other Side of Darkness" by Abby
6.  "Survival and Remembrances" by Abby
7.  "Grasping At Normality" by Kaz814 (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
8.  "Grasping At Domesticity" by Kaz814 (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
9.  "Falling Further In" by KazVL (this story has apparently been abandoned by its author)
10.  "Roman Holiday" by Anna
11.  "Jewel of the Nile" by Anna
12.  "Last Tango in Paris" by Anna
13.  "Hinge of Fate" by Ramos
14.  "Dark Land" by Tegan
15.  "Echoes" by Tegan
16.  "What The Future Holds" by Ehann
17.  "When I Was" by Joanne Nicolette
18.  "Heart With No Companion" by Michmak
19.  "Heart Over Mind" by Regann
20.  "In The House Of Fallen Angels" by Rilla
21.  "Precious Gifts" by Strega Brava
22.  "Lullabies and Tears" by Strega Brava
23.  "Golem" by Lilith Janvier
24.  "The Fourth Unforgivable" by Abby
25.  "Rondo Veneziano" by Abby
26.  "Round Midnight" by Domina
27.  "A Higher Price" by Clare & Domina
28.  "Like Shadows On The Winter Sky" by Resmiranda (this author has her own fanlisting!)
29.  "Interlude: Dreary Hour" by Resmiranda
30.  "Door of the Morning" by Resmiranda
31.  "The Butterfly Effect" by Sequoiatoad
32.  "She Never Stops Talking" by Michmak
33.  "Falling Snowflakes" by Strega Brava
34.  "Snape Gets His" by Clarity
35.  "Desperate Measures" by Kalina Lea (the author unfortunately abandoned the story)
36.  "Veils of Illusion" by Rilla
37.  "Lost and Found" by Ehann
38.  "A Wish for Wings" by Ehann
39.  "Still Here" by Kalina Lea
40.  "Lost" by Venus DeMilo
41.  "The Last Word" by Kalina Lea
42.  "Soul Searching" by Quillusion
43.  "Love Is Out To Get Me" by Claire/Silverweed3
44.  "Who By Fire?" by KazVL
45.  "Mephistopheles" by The Grey Lady
46.  "Bittersweet" by The Grey Lady
47.  "Letter From Exile One Merciful Morning" by Textualsphinx
48.  "A Terrible Temptation" by Friendlyquark
49.  "Under The Mistletoe" by Valenque
50.  "Misletoe and Wine" by Claudia
51.  "Positive Results" by VelvetBlood (chapters 18 to 20 used to be at adultfanfiction.net, but the author removed them)
52.  "Taking Flight" by Caya
53.  "The Interview" by Scully01082
54.  "First Time For Everything" by Zeniawulfe (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
55.  "A Young Lady's Sensibilities" by Jezzie
56.  "Blackout" by MonteLukast
57.  "A Perfect Match" by Geena
58.  "As The Falcon Hath Her Bells: Taking Flight" by HyacinthMacaw
59.  "As The Falcon Hath Her Bells On The Wing" by HyacinthMacaw
60.  "In Whisky Veritas" by Luthlien
61.  "Revenge Of A Hermione Scorned" by Daya
62.  "In My Dreams" by OzRatbag2
63.  "Detention" by Rayvynn2k
64.  "It's Not Easy Being Green" by Flittermouse
65.  "The Cherry Tree" by Valenque (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
66.  "Evanescence" by Amelia
67.  "Damaged Goods" by Andrian1 (although the author had started writing a sequel, the entire series is abandoned)
68.  "Possibly Maybe" by Twinkledru J.
69.  "Hogwarts Online" by Jonelin
70.  "A Thousand Words" by Kalina Lea (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
71.  "The Last Word" by Ripptyd (this has been abandoned by its author)
72.  "WIKTT" by Parody-of-an-Angel
73.  "And Eros Kissed Sweet Thanatos" by Pigwidgeon37
74.  "A Matter of Honour" by Amy McWilliams
75.  "Appointment in Oxford" by Druid's Rose
76.  "About A Potions Master" by Pigwidgeon37
77.  "From Hell" by Pigwidgeon37
78.  "A Decoding of the Heart" by Textualsphinx (the story seems abandoned by the author)

I think I can safely say that the fanfiction you see listed here is among the best you can find on the Internet. Update February 16th, 2012: At the request of many, I am hereby adding the many fanfic recommendations that people have given in the comments (to this entry) in the last 7 years. As I have not read many of the recommendations yet, I am not adding them to the main list yet and instead these will have their own little section for the time being. Click on the LJ-cut below in order to view all of the recommendations. Thank you very much to everyone that has contributed to this thread over the years. <3

Note: Italicised fanfics are WIPs and may or may not have been abandoned by their author.

1.  "The Burden of Sight" by Leyna Rountree
2.  "The Twenty" by Leyna Rountree
3.  "Pygmalion" by Pigwidgeon37
4.  "In Love and War" by Pandaimonia (author formerly known as Lady of Shallot)
5.  "On A Silver Platter" by A Perfect Lie
6.  "What is Left When All is Said and Done" by Insper A. Shen
7.  "This Present Darkness" by Elizabeth7
8.  "For Love is as Strong as Death" by Elizabeth7
9.  "Kairos" by Canimal
10.  Heart of a Lion, Skin of a Snake" by Neveada (no longer available anywhere on the Internet, but summary of story is here at #33)
11.  "Ex Libris" by Strega Brava
12.  "Battlefields and Ballrooms" by Lazyaurora
13.  "Escape from the Darkness" by Electryone
14.  "Getting the Hang of Thursdays" by Hayseed
15.  "Ordinary People" by Hayseed
16.  "Agentes et Patientes" by BonnieViva
17.  "To Make Much of Time" by Mundungus42
18.  "Denial" by Little_beloved (the author does not want her story to be available on-line nor does she want it shared amongst people)
19.  "Second Life" by Lariope
20.  "What E'er Therein Is Promised" by Deeble
21.  "Before the Dawn" by Snarkyroxy
22.  "Remember" by Snapes_Goddess (alternative link is here)
23.  "Awake" by Absolute_tash
24.  "The Love You Take" by Subversa
25.  "Saving Your Life" by Lilmisblack
26.  "For the Potion Master's Amusement" by Snape.submiss
27.  "Pet Project" by Caeria
28.  "The Professor's Discretion" by Twelve Years in Azkaban
29.  "Post Tenebras, Lux" by Loten
30.  "Being Hermione Granger" by Amphotera
31.  "The Problem with Purity" by Phoenix.Writing (a.k.a. Silver Birch)
32.  "Care of Magical Creatures" by Mia Madwyn (also available on Ashwinder, right here)
33.  "The Gilded Cage" by ApollinaV
34.  "The Apprentice and the Necromancer" by JunoMagic

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Well, I suppose that's all. I hope vampiresetsuna, and all other people interested in Snape/Hermione, will find this entry useful.  :)
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Arestoktraarestoktra on January 22nd, 2006 01:39 pm (UTC)
it was a pleasure :)

i really love that story *grins*