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28 February 2014 @ 02:04 am

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! :)

My journal isn't much, but at least it's mine. :) It's not a friends-only journal, but despite that, a lot of entries are friends-only anyway. In general, only the impersonal or non-sensical entries are open to the public. So, if you wish to get to know me on a deeper level, then you're most welcome to friend me and leave a comment here - I will very likely friend you back. I always enjoy meeting new people (with or without mutual interests) on the Internet. :)

Well, I guess that's all I needed to say, really. In any case, thank you for being here and wasting your precious time on my humble journal. ;)

* The Buffy/Giles picture in this entry is from a screencapture taken by myself. In itself, it's copyrighted material (Joss Whedon owns all), but the editing (colours and stuff) was done by myself.
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11 February 2006 @ 04:32 pm
As I promised, here is my take on Barbossa/Elizabeth from "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." :) But, before you read any of this, please read the excellent Captain Barbossa Character Analysis by Katherine Judd (a.k.a. Brianna) - it will give you really good insight into his character, and it will certainly make it easier for you to read and understand this entry. Unfortunately, there is no decent character analysis available on Elizabeth Swann, but I will provide a few insights about her in my own analysis. :)

Shippyness ahoy!Collapse )

Well, I believe that's all I wanted to say. :)

I think a lot of people think that I'm crazy or delusional right now, but oh well. I just believe that Barbossa is not as evil as the film wants to make us believe (see Katherine Judd's character analysis of Barbossa), and that he and Elizabeth are very compatible with each other when it comes to their personalities. A lot of people will probably think: "Okay, that might be, but still, he's too ugly for Elizabeth to ever fall in love with." Okay. I know Barbossa is not a physically attractive man (when it comes to his face, at least - his chest and the rest of him is more than okay!) - he must have been when he was young, but many years on the sea considerably weathered his face. But that shouldn't really stop Elizabeth from falling in love with him in a fanfic story (well, perhaps his teeth might....) - if she isn't a shallow woman, that is. And don't they say that love is blind? If she falls in love with him, she will no longer see his physical shortcomings. So, there you go. It isn't 100% impossible for Elizabeth to fall in love with him - therefore this 'ship could work in a well-written fanfic story (I mean, if they can make Jack/Barbossa work in some fics, then why not?). :)

Speaking of fanfiction, there is no actual Barbossa/Elizabeth story available (at least, not to my knowledge), though I have found two with a bit of subtext between the two. I will list them below, along with other links you might feel like checking out. :)


"Apples" by JessieRose (one-chapter fic)

"Birds" by Eurothrashed (one-chapter fic)


From Captain to Captain - the Barbossa and Elizabeth fanlisting

Humble Pirate - the Barbossa fanlisting

Vivid Beauty - the Elizabeth Swann fanlisting

Phenomenal - the Geoffrey Rush fanlisting

Elegance - the Keira Knightley fanlisting

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl fanlisting
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Alright, I said in my previous entry that I was going to talk some more about "Titanic."  :)  Beware, this is going to be a long entry - and most of it is going under an LJ-cut.  :)

As some of you might know, I 'ship Rose DeWitt Bukater with Titanic's builder, Thomas Andrews. I know this is quite an uncommon and unconventional 'ship, but at least kiratollan is a fellow 'shipper (who, by the way, has created some good Romas artwork!) and I have found a small number of Romas fics on a Yahoo! Group called Titanic Dream Boat - it's no longer active (it never had been very active, anyway, because there are few Romas 'shippers). I haven't found any Romas fics on fanfiction.net so far, because there are 516 "Titanic" fics there at the moment, and after a quick look there, I daresay that at least 90% of all the fics there feature Jack/Rose. Understandable, ofcourse - but kind of annoying when you, like me, prefer some more variety in a fandom.  :|

Anyhow, the special features of the "Titanic" 4-disc special edition include having the film narrated by the cast and crew, including Victor Garber. He only comments during some of his character's scenes, which are: in the first class dining room, at the Grand Staircase with Rose, in the hallway (where he encounters Rose who asks for directions to the office of the Master-at-Arms), in the lounge (where he gives Rose his life-belt) and in the final scene of the film (where Jack awaits Rose on the stairs of the Grand Staircase). Victor generally talked about his character in general, or about how the experience of acting in this film has been for him. But when he comments during the scene where Rose approaches Mr. Andrews at the Grand Staircase and asks him whether the ship will truly sink, Victor says something about a certain kind of generosity between Rose and Mr. Andrews (I haven't heard all he said, since English isn't my first language). One of the executive producers of the film, Rae Sanchini, also comments during this scene and she speaks of a daughter-father relationship between the two, and that "Andrews seems to understand her on some level." Now, where have I heard the father/daughter thing before? Oh yes, with one of my other 'ships, Buffy/Giles from "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" (the relationship between those two was often labelled as father/daughter by people who didn't 'ship them romantically).
But, Victor and Rae Sanchini's comments indicate that the chemistry between Rose and Mr. Andrews didn't escape their attention, and that's a good thing for people who see Rose and Mr. Andrews in a romantic way - because it means that they are not the only ones who noticed the chemistry between these two characters.  :)

I wrote a long piece of text about these two characters on April 8, 2003 and posted it on the Shippers United message board - which was really about how I interpreted every scene between those two, and how these scenes could be seen in a way that was pro-Romas. I would like to show this piece of text to you all, because it might be interesting to read. Obviously, it's going to go under an LJ-cut. The two images you will see posted during my analysis (so it will be a little less tiresome to read the text) were created by the talented kiratollan.  :)

The relationship between Rose and Mr. Andrews in the filmCollapse )

Well, I think that's all I needed and wanted to say about Romas.  :)  If you have become a bit curious after reading all of this (then you should really see the film and see for yourself how Thomas and Rose are with each other) and want to see some fan art of this 'ship, or read the fics I have been able to find, then here they are:

Fan art:

"Remembrance in blue" by dying_dreams

"Remember our love" by dying_dreams

"Love on Titanic" by dying_dreams

"Lost Thomas" by kiratollan

"It's Too Late For Love" by kiratollan


"Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave" by Rose Austen (one-chapter fic)

"To Love Again" by Linda Champion (nineteen-chapter fic)


Lost - the Thomas Andrews/Rose DeWitt Bukater fanlisting
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23 January 2005 @ 01:10 am
As I promised vampiresetsuna, here is the Buffy/Giles fic rec list. Please bear in mind that I haven't read a Buffy/Giles fic since the show ended on such a depressing note (the estrangement between Buffy and Giles in season 7, I really felt sick about that), so I may have forgotten a few really good fics. However, though this list can be considered slightly incomplete, I can still remember the names of the really good authors of the fandom (even though there are no stories listed of some of those authors in this list), which are:

-  A. Manley Haight
-  Arkin
-  Blair Provence
-  Calliope
-  Cap
-  Darcy Galvan
-  Dword
-  Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
-  Gail Christison
-  Gibberish
-  Gileswench
-  GylzGirl
-  Jacinta
-  Jacqui
-  Jolene Beasley (JBG)
-  Karen Jephson
-  Kerry Blackwell
-  Koala
-  Lily2332
-  Rari Coss
-  Solo84
-  Tagmus
-  Tevye
-  WorstWitch

You will find their stories featured on the Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive at Buffygiles.com and at Dword's List. I recommend you check out their sections at both archives. Sometimes some stories will only be available on Buffygiles.com and some others only on Dword's List - which is why you should check out the section of the same author at both archives and not only at one archive.  :)

I would also like to say, so that you know that they existed long ago, that there were once two major B/G fanfiction archives, which were "The New Buffy/Giles Relationshippers" (Solo84's site - practically the mother of all B/G 'shippers) and "Destiny Awaits." Both are now long gone, but fortunately the content of "The New B/G Relationshippers" was handed over to Gabi Schulz from Buffygiles.com, and then "The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive" was born.  :)

The first B/G stories I ever read were written by Gabi Schulz - her  "If You Love It..." was one of the very first B/G fics I ever read. And then when I read "Autumnal Equinox" by A. Manley Haight, I was definitely hooked on this pairing. And I will always be.  ^__~

Anyway, on to the fic rec list.  :)

1.  "The Power of Friends" by Rari Coss
2.  "Autumnal Equinox" by A. Manley Haight
3.  "Passage" by WorstWitch
4.  "The Wishes" by Gail Christison
5.  "The Abyss Series" by Blair Provence
6.  "Paradox" by Kerry Blackwell
7.  "If You Love It..." by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
8.  "Green Card" by Gibberish
9.  "Partners In All Things" by Gibberish
10.  "Happy Valentine's Day" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
11.  "Journey's End" by Rari Coss
12.  "Watcher's Retreat" by Rari Coss
13.  "Eye of the Storm" by Rari Coss
14.  "Blue Eyes" by Gail Christison
15.  "Things That Make You Go Hmm..." by Elyse C. Perry
16.  "Paths" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
17.  "Surrender" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
18.  "Giving" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
19.  "A Different Life" by Rari Coss
20.  "Bad Judgement" by Lily2332
21.  "Conjuring" by Rari Coss
22.  "Because You Loved Me" by Maura Kelly & Gina Martin
23.  "Awfully Fond Of You" by Gileswench
24.  "Beauty" by Lily2332
25.  "Terror In The Country" by Maura Kelly & Gina Martin
26.  "The World Crashing Down" by Laura
27.  "Lost" by Gail Christison
28.  "The Forever Series" by Gail Christison
29.  "Foreigner" by Darcy Galvan
30.  "Giles Loves Buffy" by Gabriele (Gabi) Schulz
31.  "The Death Brings Clarity Series" by J.K. Philips
32.  "The Backroom Series" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
33.  "The Bond" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
34.  "The Threefold Cord" by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
35.  "The Guardian" (part 1) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
36.  "The Guardian" (part 2) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
37.  "The Guardian" (part 3) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
38.  "The Guardian" (part 4) by Jolene Beasley (JBG)
39.  "A Mile In His Moccasins" by Gileswench
40.  "The Long Goodbye" by Koala
41.  "Buffy Mate Man" by Sha

Well, that's all I could come up with.  :)  I'm certain you'll find many more good-quality fics in the sections of the authors I mentioned before.  ^__^

Further, if you're into Buffy/Giles music videos, then I highly recommend you to go to Koala's music videos (click here!) and the music videos by Berry at Grey Council (click here!). Especially Koala's are my favourites. This is my top 10 of Koala's vids:

1.  "Obvious"
2.  "I Wanna Grow Old With You"
3.  "Only Time"
4.  "Invisible Man"
5.  "If That's What It Takes"
6.  "No Matter What"
7.  "Emptiness"
8.  "My Immortal"
9.  "This Kiss"
10.  "We Might As Well Be Strangers"

If I were you, I'd definitely give them a try.  ^__~

And now, last but not least, here are the fanlistings you might feel like joining:

- "Falling" - the Buffy/Giles fanlisting
- "And occasionally, frolic..." - the Buffy/Giles fanfiction fanlisting
- "Watcher & Slayer" - the Buffy/Giles relationship fanlisting
- "I choose the chosen (ICTC)!" - a Buffy/Giles 'shipper listing

Well, that's all, really. I feel really tired now (it's 1:10 AM right now), so I'm going to go to bed.  :)

I hope this will prove to be useful for anyone interested in the fantastic 'ship that is Buffy/Giles.  ^__~
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17 January 2005 @ 08:16 pm
A little while ago, vampiresetsuna requested that I gave her some Snape/Hermione fanfiction recommendations, and here they are. It's a long list of recommendations, which I have taken from the Snape/Hermione threads at White Flag; I compiled all the recs that I and my other fellow SS/HG 'shippers at the board had given over time.

So here are the fanfic recs, in particular order. When a fanfic is still a WIP (Work In Progress), a warning is given in the form of italicising the title of the fanfic in question.

If you find that a link is broken, it is recommended that you either let me know, or try the Wayback Machine.

1.  "The Buried Life" by Kalina Lea
2.  "Pawn To Queen" by Riley
3.  "The Fire and the Rose" by Abby & Domina
4.  "The Fire and the Rose, part 2: Moments of Happiness" by Abby & Domina
5.  "The Other Side of Darkness" by Abby
6.  "Survival and Remembrances" by Abby
7.  "Grasping At Normality" by Kaz814 (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
8.  "Grasping At Domesticity" by Kaz814 (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
9.  "Falling Further In" by KazVL (this story has apparently been abandoned by its author)
10.  "Roman Holiday" by Anna
11.  "Jewel of the Nile" by Anna
12.  "Last Tango in Paris" by Anna
13.  "Hinge of Fate" by Ramos
14.  "Dark Land" by Tegan
15.  "Echoes" by Tegan
16.  "What The Future Holds" by Ehann
17.  "When I Was" by Joanne Nicolette
18.  "Heart With No Companion" by Michmak
19.  "Heart Over Mind" by Regann
20.  "In The House Of Fallen Angels" by Rilla
21.  "Precious Gifts" by Strega Brava
22.  "Lullabies and Tears" by Strega Brava
23.  "Golem" by Lilith Janvier
24.  "The Fourth Unforgivable" by Abby
25.  "Rondo Veneziano" by Abby
26.  "Round Midnight" by Domina
27.  "A Higher Price" by Clare & Domina
28.  "Like Shadows On The Winter Sky" by Resmiranda (this author has her own fanlisting!)
29.  "Interlude: Dreary Hour" by Resmiranda
30.  "Door of the Morning" by Resmiranda
31.  "The Butterfly Effect" by Sequoiatoad
32.  "She Never Stops Talking" by Michmak
33.  "Falling Snowflakes" by Strega Brava
34.  "Snape Gets His" by Clarity
35.  "Desperate Measures" by Kalina Lea (the author unfortunately abandoned the story)
36.  "Veils of Illusion" by Rilla
37.  "Lost and Found" by Ehann
38.  "A Wish for Wings" by Ehann
39.  "Still Here" by Kalina Lea
40.  "Lost" by Venus DeMilo
41.  "The Last Word" by Kalina Lea
42.  "Soul Searching" by Quillusion
43.  "Love Is Out To Get Me" by Claire/Silverweed3
44.  "Who By Fire?" by KazVL
45.  "Mephistopheles" by The Grey Lady
46.  "Bittersweet" by The Grey Lady
47.  "Letter From Exile One Merciful Morning" by Textualsphinx
48.  "A Terrible Temptation" by Friendlyquark
49.  "Under The Mistletoe" by Valenque
50.  "Misletoe and Wine" by Claudia
51.  "Positive Results" by VelvetBlood (chapters 18 to 20 used to be at adultfanfiction.net, but the author removed them)
52.  "Taking Flight" by Caya
53.  "The Interview" by Scully01082
54.  "First Time For Everything" by Zeniawulfe (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
55.  "A Young Lady's Sensibilities" by Jezzie
56.  "Blackout" by MonteLukast
57.  "A Perfect Match" by Geena
58.  "As The Falcon Hath Her Bells: Taking Flight" by HyacinthMacaw
59.  "As The Falcon Hath Her Bells On The Wing" by HyacinthMacaw
60.  "In Whisky Veritas" by Luthlien
61.  "Revenge Of A Hermione Scorned" by Daya
62.  "In My Dreams" by OzRatbag2
63.  "Detention" by Rayvynn2k
64.  "It's Not Easy Being Green" by Flittermouse
65.  "The Cherry Tree" by Valenque (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
66.  "Evanescence" by Amelia
67.  "Damaged Goods" by Andrian1 (although the author had started writing a sequel, the entire series is abandoned)
68.  "Possibly Maybe" by Twinkledru J.
69.  "Hogwarts Online" by Jonelin
70.  "A Thousand Words" by Kalina Lea (no longer available anywhere on the Internet)
71.  "The Last Word" by Ripptyd (this has been abandoned by its author)
72.  "WIKTT" by Parody-of-an-Angel
73.  "And Eros Kissed Sweet Thanatos" by Pigwidgeon37
74.  "A Matter of Honour" by Amy McWilliams
75.  "Appointment in Oxford" by Druid's Rose
76.  "About A Potions Master" by Pigwidgeon37
77.  "From Hell" by Pigwidgeon37
78.  "A Decoding of the Heart" by Textualsphinx (the story seems abandoned by the author)

I think I can safely say that the fanfiction you see listed here is among the best you can find on the Internet. Update February 16th, 2012: At the request of many, I am hereby adding the many fanfic recommendations that people have given in the comments (to this entry) in the last 7 years. As I have not read many of the recommendations yet, I am not adding them to the main list yet and instead these will have their own little section for the time being. Click on the LJ-cut below in order to view all of the recommendations. Thank you very much to everyone that has contributed to this thread over the years. <3

Commenters' recommendationsCollapse )

Should you crave for more, I suggest you visit the following archives and websites:

Dark Sarcasm
Fanfiction recommendations at 'Why Snape?'
Fiction Alley
Obscurus Books
Sycophant Hex (previously known as Lord and Lady Snape)
The Petulant Poetess
The Restricted Section
Twilightsorcery's Old Crazy Link List
Witchfics a.k.a. La Société des Femmes Dangereuses

Oh, and fanlistings you might feel like joining:

No Longer the Student - the Snape/Hermione fanlisting
You Never Thought It Would End Like This - the SS/HG adult fanfiction fanlisting
Potions Master - the Severus Snape fanlisting
Books and Cleverness - the Hermione Granger fanlisting

Last but not least, the following LiveJournal communities might also be a good idea:

snapeyluvshermy (especially useful for tracking down that lovely fanfic that you forgot the title of)

Well, I suppose that's all. I hope vampiresetsuna, and all other people interested in Snape/Hermione, will find this entry useful.  :)
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